Personal Trainer

Jenna von Bratt
Health and Fitness Professional
Jenna is a personal trainer specialising in the management of dread diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome. Her varied skill set includes HIIT, bodybuilding and cardiovascular fitness.
Juwairiyah Morat
Level 1
Young, vibrant and very goal driven
Kyle Taylor
Level 1
Kyle has been working in the industry as a Professional Trainer for the past 11 years and has his Exercise is Medicine Level 1 certification, qualifying him to work with low and moderate risk patients. He has a strong interest in youth development and completed five years of sports coaching which includes an IRB Certification as a rugby coach.
Lynn Erasmus
Level 1
I qualified as a Personal Trainer, and Master Trainer Level 1, in Adelaide, Australia, through the Australian Institute of Fitness. Assisting people to achieve their fitness goals, while enjoying their experience, is my passion. I have gone on to complete Sports Massage Therapy, and find this to be complimentary to the Personal Training side of my business.
With the Exercise Is Medicine, Level 1 course, I will be able to provide even more comprehensive training programs for special populations with Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome, to name a few.
Marina le Roux
Level 1
MobiGym provides mobile personal training services to individuals and companies. I train you in the comfort of your own home or workplace. I am also a Branson Centre of South Africa Entrepreneur that is passionate about exercise and health
Natasha Stevens
Level 1
I am a Personal Trainer that believes that I can help you achieve your goals of becoming that best version of you.
Nicky Moses
Level 1
Nicky is a Stott qualified Pilates instructor and FITPRO qualified personal trainer based in Bryanston.
Nikki Nair
Level 1
As much as I believe that something has to challenge you to change you I believe that almost everybody needs and deserves a little help to attain the results they have been working towards and experience the difference a personal training program, can make to your journey. There should be nothing, no illness, circumstance or excuse to stop you from living a better quality life. I create programs to help you reach short- and long term goals- whether you want to improve body composition, enhance sport performance, be healthy and fit in general or gently return to exercise after an injury or illness.
Rob Yates
Level 1
I specialise in functional training focusing around endurance sports (walking, hiking, cycling, mountain biking, trail running and climbing) as well as everyday health and fitness.
Ruzanne du Plessis
Level 1
I am a dynamic, highly competent and enthusiastic personal trainer with a proven ability to help people changing their lives to a better healthier lifestyle, designing exercise programs that maximize workout efficiency, improve fitness, increase stamina and develop an overall sense of well being. Possessing a successful track record of evaluating a client’s physical health , understanding their personal needs and then developing a practical and achievable workout routine. Possessing exceptional interpersonal communication skills and the ability to interpret and define the client’s needs required to gain their trust and thereby retain their business.